Aiya! My name's Mironiel Blokzyl (actually that's my elvish name, but shhh. We'll just pretend it's my real name for now. I'm just not very comfortable at the moment with putting my real name out there.) 
I am a Slytherin (Just because us Slytherins have a tendency to world domination and thrive on power does not mean that we're all bad. I guess) bookworm.
I sometimes consume more books than I do food.
I'm a rabid fangirl who doesn't have much of a social life, because #fandoms.
I write lots of stories, but I've only ever finished one, because I have the attention span of a gnat.
I mostly write stories where the main character dies, so that when I'm a famous, published author, I can laugh at my readers' pain (this is the Slytherin coming out.)
I re-arrange my bookshelf when I'm bored.
I eat mostly YA, with a large smattering of middle-grade, and a small side of adult fantasy.
Lord of the Rings is my life.
I drink tea more than I drink water.
I'm a die-hard Marvel fan. *closes the door on DC Comic's face*
I once wrote a complete fanfic of the Fellowship of the Ring. It was awesome, and at the same time a complete train wreck.
I'm a self named music junkie. Music rules my life. I ALWAYS have my headphones in.  I listen to everything from Lindsey Stirling to 5 Seconds of Summer to Evanescence to Black Veil Brides.

The Carmilla webshow. HOLLSTIEN FOREVER.

Lord of the Rings. And did I mention I'm a dangerous and rabid fan of anything Tolkien???
Jennifer Nivan. She is my favorite author(next to Tolkien of course, cause Tolkien is the best)
I also like: Cassandra Clare | Holly Black | John Green | Maggie Stiefvater | Suzanne Collins | Veronica Roth | James Dashner | Gail Carriger | Jen Marie Wilde | Kenneth Oppel | Kiera Cass | Rick Riordan | Christopher Paolini | Marie Lu.....the list goes on and on and on. Forever. Basically.
My favorite food is pizza!! Especially peperoni pizza.
My favorite band is.....EVANESCENCE. THEY ARE THE BEST BAND IN THE HISTORY OF EVER AND FOREVER. My second favourite band is My Chemical Romance and in third is 5 Seconds of Summer.
My favorite movie is.....Skyhigh. DO NOT QUESTION THIS. IT HAS A VERY HOT ANIT HERO WHO HAS FIRE POWERS. Although I also adore Joy.
My favorite TV show is..... Supernatural. What else were you expecting it to be?