Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Character Karaoke Tag

I was tagged to do this by the lovely Ellie over at On The Other Side of Reality. Go check out her blog, it's fantastic!
Now for the tag. I'll be using Gearbound.

What Song Best Describes the Mood of Your Novel?
Probably Worlds of Wonder by audiomachine. The atmosphere fits Gearbound so well! I love the whole album, but one track in particular (The title track, Worlds of Wonder. Go to the 1:05:42 mark to listen to it) is THE SONG. I like to think of it as the song on the start menu on Gearbound. Just that 3 minute song will give you a feel for the whole story.

Pick a Character and a Song to Describe Them.
I pick Reyn, and the song I would choose to describe him would probably be Scupper Shanty by Abney Park. The song itself doesn't describe Reyn, but one particular lyric, 'When you sleep/keep one eye open/know your friends but watch them tight!' really described Reyn. He is not trusting by nature, (having spent most of his childhood on the streets alone. Very sad) and even though he's known Lynna for a long time, he's still not totally open and trusting with her. And yes I am aware that in the first draft that is up on Wattpad at this moment, Reyn and Lynna met for the first time in like, chapter 2 or 3. That is being changed.

One of your characters is at a karaoke night when - gasp! They've been asked to get up and sing! What song do they choose and how do they perform it?
For this question I'm going to choose Elly, (even though her singing voice is terrible.) Elly would totally get up and sing Let It Burn by Red, simply because it has the word 'burn' in it. She would also add the word 'cat' to it, just to like, make it relatable for all the other mechanimal dragons out there who aLSO HATE CATS WITH A PASSION LIKE WOW SUCH EVIL CREATURES KILL THEM ALL.

Go-To Song When Writing Battle Scenes?
Requiem for a Dream or For The Win by Two Steps From Hell. SUCH EPIC. MUCH GOOD.
And that was the Character Karaoke tag! I tag all of you to do this, if you want too! (You totally should, it's lots of fun) Happy blogging!