Saturday, 17 September 2016

WIP DAY ZERO // What my secret summer writing project is about.

"Everyone has their day zero, when they just...end. Sometimes I think my day zero is peeking at me from around the corner." ~ Calsey White, Day Zero.

1) What is Day Zero about?
It's about friendship, the value of family, and learning to take risks and be brave. But mainly about friendship.

2) Synopsis?
Seventeen year old Calsey White constantly thinks about her day zero. It's how she copes with everything that's going on in her life. Her dad died when she was fifteen, leaving Calsey alone with her mother and younger sister Georgina. Mrs. White was never the best and most kind of people, but she and Calsey had always been close. Then Mrs. White started seeing someone from work, Bradley Scottson. And that's when things went from bad to worse. He hangs around a lot, but every Friday night he comes around and stays late, drinking. One night he kicks her out, after she suggested that he should go home, and possibly get hit by a bus while going home. She ends up spending the night on a park bench, and that's where the story starts. Then she meets Lizzie, a crazy, blue haired girl who works at the local Tim Hortons. The two girls immediately get along.(They also share the same taste in music, so I guess that helps) The story is really about them, and their friendship, and how they help each other.
UGH this is not a proper synopsis. I'm really bad at them. *sighs*

3) What's Calsey like? Interests? Things she dislikes?
Bitter, depressed, prone to self harm. The one person in the world that she loves is her little sister, Georgina, and that's the only reason why she's hasn't left home yet.  She also has a sarcastic sense  of humour, which puts most people off, and that's why she doesn't have any friends. She has black hair, hazel eyes and snake bite piercings.
She loves music. Her favourite band is a nu-metal band called Poltergeist(I made Poltergeist up. They are not a band IRL). Her favorite kind of pizza is pepperoni, and she loves her coffee black. Her favorite season is autumn.
She dislikes people. Like, people in general. As stated, she's very sarcastic, and people take that the wrong way, ending up with her not having any friends. Also she hasn't seen the best side of humanity. Her world is small, and the people in it are few. Lizzie shows her the better side of humanity.

4) What's Lizzie like? Interests? Things she dislikes?
Lizzie comes from a large family. They aren't rich, but they are happy. They have a good family life. Lizzie is carefree, very much a risk taker, loud and opinionated. But she has a kind heart, and likes to help people. She has blue hair, blue eyes and a lip ring.
She likes nu-metal/goth rock, Hawaiian pizza, the colour black, poetry (especially Emily Dickinson's poetry. Her favorite is 'I Felt A Funeral') lattes with 2 shots of caramel. Her favorite band is Poltergeist, and she her favorite season is winter.
She dislikes eggs of any kind (unless it has cheese on it) the colour pink, being lazy (she always has to be doing something) and rude people.
Quote: "Fuck what people think, and you'll have a hell of a great life."

5) Describe it in four words:

Friendship, music, the colour blue, and sad.

6) What are the goals for this WIP and where do you see it going?

I'd love to get it published! The first draft isn't even finished, however. I still have quite a ways to go before I'm done.

SO. THAT WAS THE EXPLANATION OF MY 'SECRET SUMMER WRITING PROJECT'. What do you guys think of it? What you ya'll currently working on? Tell be below!!


  1. GOOD LUCK AHHH. It sounds awesome! Lizzie and I have a lot in common.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thanks! Hehe Lizzie is a rather relatable character, I think :D

  2. I love the sound of your characters! XD Everyone I know is sarcastic, so I never had Calsey's problem. ;)

    1. Thanks! Haha same here. I was wondering though, what it would be like to be surrounded by non-sarcastic peasants, and that's where that trait of Calsey's comes from :D

  3. This sounds really cool! Also yay for sarcasm (I find sarcastic people hilarious). Good luck with writing Day Zero! XD

  4. Ooh, I have been curious every time you mentioned this and YAY FOR FINALLY GETTING TO KNOW ALL THE THINGS!! And I agree: synopsises are hard.😂 But they get better with practise, don't worry. ;) Also your characters sound awesome and I'm loving the sound of all the sarcasm. Wooo!! Good luck with this first draft, too! I hope it behaves for you and is tons of fun! *flings confetti everywherE* I just finished writing a book draft, so now I'm plotting...more books. Because apparently my brain can't take a break. Gah.😂

    1. IKR. It was sooo hard for me not to tell everyone what it was before summer ended, but I managed!
      Thanks! *runs around under the confetti, bc FUN*
      WHOA. That's amazing! Although it does sound tiring? But then, whoever said writing wasn't tiring lol. Good luck with your books!