Wednesday, 6 April 2016

In Which I Spill Everything There Is To Know(so far) About My Anti-hero Story, Bumble Bee.

So lately I've been talking about my anti-hero story, Bumble Bee. (NOT THE TRANSFORMER.) And I've been feeling the need to scream about it to the world on the top of my lungs. HERE WE GO.


Setting: 2019, Toronto, and other places in the world.

Inspiration: Deadpool, Black Widow.

Story: We start off with Bee telling us about her escape from a high security prison in Mexico, which leads up to her meeting an American mec/heist/assassin called Red in a Tim Hortons in down-town Toronto. They have a fight, but are perfectly matched in strength and abilities, she calls a truce and asks what he wants. Turns out he was hired by the I.C.O.(International Crime Organization. Most crime lords and everybody in the underworld are part of it, or have connections to it. It organizes and funds a lot of the crime that goes on in the world.) to track her down and convince her to sign on for a major mission. They're creating a team of the world's best mercenaries for the mission, and she'll represent Canada. She agrees, because it sounds like fun, and besides, they're offering a lot of money, and she could use that money. Because she's broke. Thing is, she doesn't realize what exactly it is she's getting herself into.

Main character: Finn, an 18 year old mercenary heist assassin who lives in Toronto and calls herself Bumble Bee. She's nicknamed Bee by those who know her. She's kinda psychopathic, doing things that have even shocked me. But she's not really crazy, she's just really messed up If you got in her way, she'd kill you without even blinking. Not the kind of person you'd want for a best friend, eh? She's also really sarcastic.
Appearance: Height: 5'6. Copper eyes(she wears yellow contacts when in she's Bumble Bee) To keep in line with the Bumble Bee theme, she cut her hair short(like a short bob type of hair cut)and then shaved on side of it and then dyed the long side yellow(her real hair color is black. Big black eyebrows. Small mouth. Extremely fit.

Clothes/Gear/Weapons: Again, she wears only the colors black and yellow: yellow tank top, black leather pants, black combat boots with yellow laces, black finger less gloves. Her primary weapon is a whip, but she can use any weapon to it's fullest potential for death. She herself is actually a weapon, having been trained in every known form of martial arts from the age of 6. She wears spiked knuckle dusters. When the occasion calls for it though, she'll disguise herself.

Back story: She was abandoned by her parents on the streets of Toronto when she was 4. However, she could care less about her parents. She's messed up because she's never been loved, and it's scientifically proven that children who aren't loved and never get hugs and stuff grow up to be really messed up. She was found by a major crime lord, who took her in , after being impressed at how spunky she was. He raised her, and taught her everything she knows about weapons and killing and stealing. He was killed in a gun fight when she was 16, and ever since has provided for herself by being a mercenary.

Best Line: "Oh but darling, we're all insane."


Would she kill anyone, no matter who they were?
*cackles* Oh yes, she would. To her, that person is a obstacle that needs to be removed, and no more. She literally has no feelings.
                                                                 Rest of the world to Bee:

                                                                     Bee's response:

Does she ever find her feelings?
Yes she does. She falls in love with Red, only she's super confused, because she's never loved anyone before, or had anyone love her. So all those feelings that she has for him don't make sense to her. It's frankly heart breaking and adorable at the same time.

Her favorite song?
Definitly Monsters by Ruelle. It describes Bee perfectly.
Would she drink coffee or tea?
Coffee, duh. She drinks it black. #hardcore
And that, my friends, is my anti-hero story.
What did you think? Are you writing an anti-hero story? TELL ME. I NEED TO KNOW ALL THE THINGS.


  1. THIS LOOKS SO GOOD OMG. One of my favorite anti-hero stories is The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. Seriously, the narrator is a flamboyant, snarky vampire and it's the best.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. yay! so glad you like my story XD
      ohhhh that sounds like a cool book!

  2. Omg I LOVE BEE. She sounds terrifying and awesome and wonderful...and tbh, we can all admit the anti-heroes are the most awesome right?! RIGHT. *nods* I also love how she's a psychopath but has a bumblebee theme going. IDEK IT'S JUST AWESOME. THIS IS ALL VERY AWESOME. And just let me say AWESOME one more time because reasons.
    (Also I drink my coffee black too. #hardcore)

    1. *high five because of drinking coffee black*
      I refuse to drink my coffee with milk or sugar. IT RUINS THE TASTE.
      ARGH I'M SO HAPPY YOU LOVE BEE! *is so happy that words fail me*