Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Ren: The Girl With The Mark | Episode 3 Review

What can I say, it's another cliffhanger.
This episode was good, but Episode 2 is still the best by far. I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE ALREADY HALF-WAY THROUGH SEASON 1. Only two more episodes and season 1 is done.
I found Baynon's acting slightly emotionless, but otherwise, everything was great. There's not much I can discuss in the non-spoilery section, as this is episode three, so GOODBYE ALL NON-SPOILERY PEOPLE. I'd give this episode a B+, just because I didn't enjoy it as much as the last one. It was slightly slow, despite Hunter's fight scenes. OH AND I WANT A SOUNDTRACK.
Alright, so if Ren's father dislikes the Kah'Nath commander so much, why on earth did he go get the commander when he found out that Ren was marked?! THIS MAKES NO SENSE. Also, is Lyanna dead? I'm assuming she is, but there's always that chance that she isn't.
My favorite scene was the ending one, where she opens the door, and she sees the Kah'Nath commander, and her dad looks completely unapologetic, and she's just like WTF.
The scene where she split the necklace and gave the other half to Baynon was really sweet.
So yeah! Those were my thoughts and feels on the third episode of Ren: The Girl With The Mark. WHAT DID YOU ALL THINK?! TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS.


  1. Dagron is fearful of the Kah'Nath commander, but maybe he thought that the commander was the only person who might be able to help Ren. Maybe Dagron loves Ren so much that he is willing to go the person he fears and ask for help. This might be when Dagron shows how much he cares for his family. However, maybe the commander deceives him and takes Ren.

    On the other hand, maybe Dagron has turned against Ren and is handing her over.

    My speculations on the subject :)

    Personally, I think that there is stuff we don't know about Dagron's past, and he'll turn out to be cooler than he seems to be. (I could be wrong, but that's what I think right now)

    1. While all of those things are possible, I still don't like Dagron. We all know that the Kah'Nath is not a nice man.....more of a villain. I personally think that Dagron is really scared, and turned traitor to his own daughter. But's that just what I think.

  2. DAGRON TURNED OUT OKAY!!!!!! I'm happy, I think it would have been really rotten if he was a bad guy.

    1. He's an idiot. He's the one who summoned the Kah'Nath in the first place! And he regrets it NOW?

    2. How was he to know they would want kill Ren? He thought they would help her.

    3. He obviously knew enough about them to be scared of them, and didn't he tell Ren to stay away from the Commander?