Thursday, 11 February 2016

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard | Book Review

Raise you hand if you had no idea that Tor Fantasy had a teen division, and that the teen division has better covers than the adult division.

                    No but honestly, let's compare some covers:
                   Here's the Truthwitch cover.

    Here's a Wheel of Time cover from the adult division.
..............Yeah. Tor Fantasy needs to change the WoT covers. Maybe I'll do a whole post about book covers sometime in the future...
Now apart from both series being published by Tor Fantasy, I found similarities between the two. I hate comparing series, especially as it can ruin a book. However, these similarities, in this instance, were a very good thing!
The first one(and the most obvious) is that the 'witches' are very, very similar to the Aes Sedai(also called witches by the Children of the Light. I hate those guys) The way magic operates and everything gave me an Aes Sedai feel.
The second one that stood out the most to me, was how the different countries interacted with each other. In WoT, everything is very politically driven, right down to the way you eat your food. Literally. Thankfully things weren't as extreme as that in Truthwitch(which frankly made the book easier to read) 
The next one is that the Windwitches are basically Wind Mistresses, yeah?
All right, enough with the similarities. But if you are a WoT fan, and you want a book that's like WoT, this book is definitely for you.
I loved this book. The plot was so well done, the fight scenes, while they had magic, were more than believable, which for me is a very important thing. If a book's fight scenes aren't believable, it takes away from my enjoyment of the book. The characters were all so different and well fleshed out. Each had such a very different personality and way of talking, so that the moment the P.O.V changed, I didn't even need to see who was narrating, because I knew who it was immediately.
The writing was really great too.
One thing I do have to critic is Safiya's drawling. So Safi is a very sarcastic character, and Susan made Safi's sarcastic lines even better by saying 'drawled Safi'. This was really funny and awesome at first. But after the first 5 times it wasn't as awesome anymore, because Safi drawled EVERYTHING. I think that the drawling should have been kept to a minimum, in order to make it funnier.
Other than that I don't really have any more criticism.  So yeah. Go read it! You will adore this book.


  1. Ooh! This sounds quite good. And I definitely agree - WOT covers make me want to throw myself out a window xD

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. They make me want to swan dive out of an apartment building :/
      YESSS READ IT!!!! IT'S AMAZING!Plus it has a fantastic map.