Monday, 25 January 2016

There and Back Again: My Journey(aka my way of telling the world how nostalgic I am for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit)

Remember 2014 and how everyone was insanely excited for TBOTFA? Remember when we got the very first trailer for An Unexpected Journey? UGH I'm so nostalgic for the good old times when the movies hadn't come out yet. But I think I should start at the beginning: The day I first read The Fellowship of the Ring. I was ten and was so excited to read it! (Probably because I'd spent most if my life wondering what LOTR was) In fact, before I'd read LOTR, I thought it was about a red planet that had a red tower, and these weird people in black dresses who screamed a lot and rode black horses. Oh yeah and there was a rat creature that talked to itself. I think this weird idea came from this cover( the red one) and my overhearing people talking about LOTR:

When I started LOTR and my childhood dream of LOTR was completely smashed(in a good way) I sped through FOTR in less than a week, TT in a week, and ROTK in a month because I got grounded from reading(I would read it when I was supposed to be doing other things).
I then watched the movies, and was officially obsessed. I learned words in elvish, I learned to write the inscription from the One Ring on paper(yes, even at a young age I wanted to be a dark lord and was planning Middle-earth domination) and I could never talk about anything else. Observe:
Person: Heyyy how's it going?
Me: Bad.
Person: Why?
Me: Frodo has been caught by Shelob.
Person: ..........
Mom: what should we have for dinner?
Me: Lembas.
Friend: Do you want to go to...
Me: Rivendell?!! YES PLEASE!
Friend: I was going to say 'park'...but whatever.
Me: oh well you can do that I'm saving Middle-earth right now.
Mom: Let's go on a walk!
Me: One does not simply walk into Mordor.
You get the point. And the reason why I've never understood why people say 'I can't read LOTR I tried it's so boring' IS BECAUSE I READ THEM AT 10. IF YOUR A GROWN ADULT, AND YOUR TRYING TO TELL ME YOU CAN'T READ LOTR, THERE'S A PROBLEM.
Anyway, LOTR was my first fandom. Sadly, I was pretty much alone in my fandom, because
a) none of my friends were that interested in it(actually I didn't;t have many friends. I was pretty lonely.)
b) didn't have access to the internet.
So I continued like that, all alone. I read Tolkien's other books, The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales. Funny story: When I tried to get The Silmarillion out of the library(don't forget, I was like 12) the librarian, probably unaccustomed to 12 year olds wanting to read The Silmarillion, tried to stop me from getting it out. Apparently she thought that it was too mature for me. I got it out anyway, and loved it so much. AND THEN THE TRAILER FOR AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY DROPPED. And my LOTR obsession, which had died down a little, came back with a crushing force. I re-read The Hobbit like 50 times leading up to the movie, I re-read LOTR etc etc.
I loved the movie, needless to say, and spent the entire car trip home singing Far Over The Misty Mountains.
Then something magical happened I got an internet access, and made friends with other Tolkien fans.
FINALLY after having no one to talk to about my Middle-earth obsession, I could talk to my heart's content about various Tolkien things. I was able to fangirl over the trailer with them, share fan theories, write fanfics, and all the things fangirls do. I refused to listen to anything except the soundtracks for LOTR and The Hobbit. Literally.
I consider that year, my gr.8 year, the best year of my life. DoS came out, and I loved it(and Tauriel) and valiantly defended the MINOR changes made.
Then in 2014, things got even crazier. I decided that I was going to cosplay Tauriel for the last movie. Unfortunately, I didn't get started on this until 1 or 2 months before the movie came out. I also decided I was going to go to the first showing on opening night. I watch the World Premier in London live...when I was supposed to be doing other things. I distinctly remember the day the teaser trailer came out. I hadn't been home, and had to wait a whole day and a half to watch it. TALK ABOUT TORTURE. The day the trailer, the official one, came out, I waited the whole day by the computer, determined to watch it the second it came out. And I did, and I cried, and I was a mess the rest of the day, because that trailer wounded me. Emotionally. If you are not a fangirl, you won't understand.
Then the day of the movie came. It was the day after my birthday, so I guess it was the best birthday gift ever. Me and my mom literally finished the costume 5 minutes before we left to go see it. I had to change into it in the car(which was difficult). My hair was done like Tauriel's and everything. ASDFGHJKL waiting for the movie to start was the longest moment of my life. And then it started, and I burst into tears the moment I saw the WB logo appear on the screen.(WHAT? I WAS EMOTIONAL) I loved the movie so much. Sadly, I was such a wreak after the movie, so I forgot to take pictures. I'm still mad at myself for that one.
In 2015 we got the extended edition, which for some reason I haven't watched yet. I need to get on that.
So. That was my journey. But it hasn't ended. In fact, I think it's only the beginning. I have to finish the Tauriel cosplay and do a photo shoot for it, I have other characters I want to cosplay, I haven't marathoned the movies yet, I have yet to listen to the full 10 hour version of Their Taking The Hobbits To Isengard in one sitting, I want to visit New Zealand, and I'm moderating a discussion on the One forums on February 14-16 for the chapter from TT, 'Journey To The Crossroads'!
There are still lots of Happy Hobbit videos to watch.
What was this post? you ask.
Well I'm not sure actually. I just felt incredibly nostalgic, and I wanted to share what Tolkien's universes means to me. Middle-earth is my happy place. Whenever I'm sad, I go back and re-read FOTR(my favorite book out of the LOTR trilogy). I think, to sum it up, LOTR/TH is to me what Harry Potter is to other people.(I love Harry Potter too, but I only just started the yeah)
Namarie mellons!


  1. I love your article !! It's great to see that other people are as obsessed as I am about Tolkien's stuff ;)

  2. Nice post :)
    Sometimes it's fun looking back.
    (LUCKY, I REALLY WANT THE EE OF BOTFA!!!!!! (mostly just to see Alfrid die :P )

    1. XD yeah, but other times it just makes me even more nostalgic for the good old times. HAHA Alfrid is a jerk, isn't he.

  3. Great post!! I enjoyed reading it :)
    You know how you said you thought that LOTR was about a red tower? Well my dad would talk about this guy who could shoot arrows really fast and in my mind I pictured an old man... with a beard! XD
    Anywho, this was an amazing post mellon!

    1. I was Musicgirl121 on another comment, but I'm totally switching to my Mirkwood elven name, Melendrir. ;) By the way, you can have any elf you want.......except for Legolas. He's. MINE!!!!!

    2. oooh nice elvish name! I like it.
      hahahaha okay that's fine, I'll settle for Tauriel ;)

  4. Haha! Yeah I created the name for a fanfiction I never finished after two little wimpy, horrible chapters lol. And yeah, I fell in love with Legolas the first time I saw him and I still love him....

    1. Sometimes fanfics are great, and other times....well let's not go there. I've written some truly horrifying fanfics lol.
      Who isn't in love with Legolas, though. He's perfection.

    2. Haha! Yeah, my friend can write amaze fanfiction and I'm over here banging my head against the wall and feeling like a failure lol!

      YESSSSSS!!!!!! He really is....I still haven't finished ROTK yet, but I still love him in both the books and the movies!

    3. Fanfics can be hard to write, and then other times their not. They are fickle beasts to tame.
      ROTK will make you cry o_0

  5. Fickle beasts? Ah that reminds me of Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them! Lol!