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Manners and Mutiny by Gail Carriger book review!

So  about a week ago I read Manners and Mutiny by Gail Carriger, the last book in the Finishing School series. ASDFGHJKL IT WAS SO AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND GORGOUS AND PERFECT AND EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED!
In case you didn't already get my point, here is a series of gifs explaining my feelings for this book:




I do wish that it was longer than it was, though.Since, however, I don't have much time right now, (this review is long overdue so I have to do it now) here's a quick, spoiler-free blurb:

How exciting was it?: 100%
Boring parts?: 0%
Character development?: 100%
Reading level?: Easy.
Romance?: 100%
Danger?: 100%
How good was the ending?: 100%(it was nostalgic)


1)The crazy switch-personalities-with-someone-and-go-to-a-ball-using-that-personality assignment.
This was so fun to read because all the different characters were trying to act like a different Preshea trying to act like Spohronia...

2)Meeting Vieve at the ball.
 Our favorite young female inventor was doing well at Bunson's.

3) Lord Akeldama's crazy party was insane. It seemed like the fashionable vampire lord, who isn't supposed to get involved in things, has had some training in espionage activities!

4) How did Lady Linette figure out that Sophronia and Dimity were going to break into the records room? That's something I'd love to know. LOL and when S and D walk out of the room and Lady Linette and Sister Mattie and Prof. Braithwope were just sitting outside the door  playing cards and drinking XD FUNNIEST.MOMENT.EVER.

5) Why is it almost every single time the boys from Bunson's come over for a party or tea or something, things always go wrong? You'd think that the teachers would have learned something by now...In this case, the school is shot at by Picklemen and their Flywaymen confederates, and the ship goes down. Somehow, though, the Picklemen get the ship back up and running, loading their very dangerous cargo of soldier mechanicals onto the dirigible.

6) "That'll teach you not to question a lady's wicker chicken!"
hahah yeah...especially one that explodes...(btw, does anyone know exactly what a wicker chicken is????)

7) Mademoiselle Geraldine is actually an intelligencer herself, and has been 'in the know' the ENTIRE SERIES. I kinda wondered about this myself, but I didn't really consider it a possibility. I have a lot more respect for M. Geraldine now.

8) Madame Spetuna's suicide.
WELL. I did NOT see that one coming. Of course it wasn't really a suicide in the true sense of the word, because she sacrificed herself to save other people. She blew herself  and some Picklemen/Flywaymen up using the exploding-bomb-wicker-chicken-model-thing.

9) The dirigible goes down and the evil plan of the Picklmen is thwarted.
This was such an intense part of the book, I just couldn't stop reading. This time the dirigible crashed for real, (like smashed up, completely un-reparable, etc) which was really sad, because I loved the dirigible-school. I wish flying-girl's-school's really existed, because I'd totally join a school like M. Geraldine's. (Also I loved how the ghost of one of the dead Pickleman came back to haunt the crashed dirigible and 'because he had nothing left to lose', told everything to the police.)

10) Soap and Sophronia's meeting in Regent Park.
This was probably my favorite Soap/Sophronia moment, and there were plenty of Soapronia(is that their ship name???) moments.

11) The ending was soo sad and nostalgic, but happy at the same time, I guess. I liked the way all the character's arcs were wrapped up nice and tight with a ribbon on top, except for one. All the mechanicals were destroyed(which isn't something I was happy about) but luckily Bumbersnoot survived and was gifted to the Queen is secret. Vieve and her aunt started a gadget shop for ladies in Paris(and of course all the gadgets were really deadly and dangerous, as well as fashionable and practical). I loved how M. Geraldine adopted Handle and looked after him. Lady Linette started an acting school for girls, and for some reason none of the girl's husbands survived being married to them for long.... ;)
Sister Mattie started a business that dealt with plants and poisons(not very surprising). However, I did not like the way Professor Braithwope ended up. I do wish his character got a little more closure. I do love the way the book ended with Soap and Sophronia looking forwards to years together :D

So yeah. That was my LONG over due Manner and Mutiny book review! If you haven't read the series, I highly recommend you do. The first book is not the best, but they get better and better each book! (My favorite is bk three, Waistcoats and Weaponry.) 5/5 STARS!!

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