Thursday, 1 October 2015

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard review

YAH. FINALLY. I HAVE READ RED QUEEN. This book was so shucking amazing I died. THE ENDING THO. As with the last book review, I will be splitting it(the review) into two sections: The un-spoilerly and spoiler section(for people who have read the book).

 Red Queen is a book with a lot of hype. Everybody was(and is) reading it, and I really wanted to read it. And now, like a million years later, I've read it, and to tell the truth, Red Queen deserved every bit of hype it got. Every last bit. Victoria Aveyard is an amazing writer, and knows how to pull you into the story. Mare Barrow is much like a Katniss figure, but at the same time, very different from Katniss. Mare's world is divided by the color of your blood. If you have a red blood, you belong to the poor class: The Red Bloods. If you have silver blood, you belong to the wealthy class: The Silver Bloods. Their silver blood gives them special powers, like controlling water, fire and stuff like that. Mare Barrow is a red blood, but she has a silver blood power...the ability to make lightning. The plot twist in the book was so amazing. I did not see it coming at all and I'm mind blown.
Ok that's it for the non-spoilerly section.

                                                                   BIG SPOILERS

                                                           LIKE MAJOR SPOILERS.

                                                                   LEAVE NOW.

1) The First Friday arena fights.

This was really interesting. It was sort of like The Hunger Games, as it was filmed live, and everyone had to watch it. But was is different is that it was two silver bloods fighting each other with their powers, and they aren't supposed to kill each other.

2) Mare's family.

I really liked Mare's family. Gisa was a little annoying and full of her self, the Mom was a bit un-appreciative of Mare, and the dad was a grump. Otherwise, they were really nice. I felt really sad when Mare talks about how her brothers before they left for the war, bought Gisa and her one earring each, and how she was saving up to buy one for Gisa when she went to the war.

3) The war with the Lakelanders.

I thought that this war was really stupid, and just another way of controlling the Reds.

4) The Red Guard.

The Red Guard is interesting. I don't like Farley much, but the cause is good.

5) The Queenstrials.

OMGS. That part was soo cool! And when Mare blasted Evangeline I was so happy!

6) Maven and Mare.

Ok I really shipped Maven/Mare UNTIL the end of the book. Now I hate Maven and ship Cal/Mare. MAVEN IS SO EVIL ASDGHJKL!

7) The Plot Twist.

I got to the plot twist at like 11:00 PM, and I was so shell shocked I couldn't sleep at all. WHYYYYY. VICTORIA HOW COULD YOU?! I TRUSTED MAVEN! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

8) The Arena fight to the death.

This was the most exciting part of the book. So good!

9) Mare being a mutant(a red blood that has silver blood powers.) And how there are many more of her kind.


10) Shade(one of Mare's brother) actually being alive, not dead.

I almost cried. This part was so sad, sweet and happy all at the same time.

Ok I guess that it. Red Queen was amazing. Go read it. 5/5 stars.

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