Monday, 17 August 2015

A Very Fandomish Random Things

So the first random thing is the one I consider the most important:

1) EVANESCENCE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE PLAYING IN THE OZZFEST IN JAPAN ON NOV.21!!! THIS IS AMAZING I CAN'T. The only thing that annoys me is that the picture of Ev on the poster for the Ozzfest is just a pic of Amy's face. Why does this annoy me, you ask. Well, this is their first performance as a band since I can't remember when, and they put a pic of Amy's face?! She doesn't even have black hair anymore! It would have been far better to put a really cool pic of the band on the poster. The pic is a nice one,(from their self titled album) but it does not represent the band as a whole.

2) On August 18, Percy Jackson's Greek Mythology by Rick Riordan comes out! I will defiantly be buying this book!

3) The official trailer for Mockingjay PT.2 is out! And it's so amazing!

4) TOLKIEN HAS A NEW BOOK COMING OUT!! It's called The Story of Kullervo. It looks amazing! However, we have to wait to 2016. *cries*

5) Evanescence has a new member. Terry left, and a girl named Jen is taking his place. Apparently she can also sing. Does this mean she'll be singing on any new tracks if they ever make another album? I need to know!!!!!! 0_O

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

June/July wrap up!

So I read plenty of books during June/July! But because I don't have much time, I will be going through this very quickly:

Both Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children books. I loveeeeeee this series and I can't wait for the next book! 4/5 stars

The Shadow of His Wings. A beautiful WW2 story about a German seminarian who is forced into the SS, and all his miraculous escapes. 4/5 stars

The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu. OMGS THIS TRILOGY! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! IT'S AMAZING! It's a dystopian trilogy....BUT it is not a THG copy cat. It is so completely different from THG.  5/5 stars

The Selection series. So I've only read the first two books so far...but it's a really good princess/dytopian series. 5/5 stars

Beautiful Creatures. was good...but..just a little bit boring. 3/5 stars

A Murder For Her Majesty. This was a very good historical novel, just a bit boring sometimes. 3/5 stars

Agent Extraordinaire. Another WW2 novel about a spy/agent in France. It is a true story. 5/5 stars

The Path of Daggers(book 8 of WoT). It's a Wheel of Time Book. What more can I say? 5/5 stars

The U.P Trail. It's a Zane Grey novel. Which means it's amazing. 4.5 stars