Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Random Things!

I haven't done a Random Things post in a while, and I know you guys like it, so I'll do a Random Things post every month. So lately I've been obsessed with this drink I call Vanilla Milk. It is SOOO delicious!!!!! I have it every time I sit down to read...(well almost every time, but you get my point). So what you need is:

Vanilla Extract
Brown Sugar

Instructions:  Boil the milk in a pan. I prefer to just heat the milk, not boil it. When it's warm(not heated) pour in some vanilla extract. I do a teaspoon of it; but it's just my preference. When heated, put in some brown sugar. I do a teaspoon, because to much makes it so sweet and to little makes it taste funny. Pour it into your favorite cup and enjoy!
Another thing I've been obsessed with lately is this song from the Mortal Instruments movie:
BEST.SONG.EVER.(for the moment). I do this thing where I'll find a song that I love, and then while I read, I'll listen to that song. I then come to associate that song with that book/book series. For an instance, I associate the song 'Never Wanna Let You Go' by Megan Nichole with the Inheritance Cycle. Weird, right. yeah......
My favorite book covers are:
Red Queen's book cover is the Queen of beautiful book covers ;)
                     I have never read this book(yet, its on my TBR list) but it's got a b-e-a-utiful cover.
The Indian in the Cupboard Trilogy book cover is the cover for ALL the books in one book...if you buy them individually they have different covers. I actually own this book. It was given to me for my 6 birthday and was the first fantasy book I ever read.
                                AGH I LOVE THIS VERSION OF THE COVER OF THE HOBBIT
This is my favorite version of the Lord of The Rings book covers. I remember growing up looking at these covers and thinking about how much I wanted to read those books.
And that's all for Random Things!

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