Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Lindsey Stirling Book Tag(created by me)

I really enjoyed doing the Taylor Swift Book Tag, but Taylor isn't my fave artist. So I made up the Lindsey Stirling Book Tag. I hope you guys like it!

Stars Align: A sci-fi book that you really enjoyed.
hm..I read this really good sci-fi book....I CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME URRGHHHH(I'll get back to you guys on this one....if I EVER remember the's been about a year or 2 since I read it and I don't own it)

Shatter Me: A book that broke your heart/a book in which the main character goes through a lot of character development.
ok. The Hobbit broke my heart. It will never heal. And bk 4/5 of The Wheel of Time series. Rand in the first 3 bks refuses to acknowledge  that he is the Dragon Reborn. In bks 4/5 he gradually accepts that he is what he is and embraces(well sort of; he's rebellious) his destiny.

We Are Giants: A book that makes you feel empowered to achieve you goals.
High Fences by Julie White. Its the sequel to The Secret Pony. I highly recommend it.

Electric Daisy Violin: a sugary, bubble-gum, pop culture book that isn't bad, but doesn't have any depth  to it.
Four Truths and a Lie by Lauren Barnholdt.

Moon Trance: A book or series that you were 'moonlighted' into loving, but when the 'moon' disappeared, you realise that it's awful.
The Thoroughbred series. It changed authors and it just wasn't very well written, and it got boring.

Song of a Caged Bird: a classic that you really enjoyed.
Ok: The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. Harry Potter fans, this is what JK Rowling said about it: "I absolutely adored The Little White Horse". It's about a girl who is orphaned and is sent to live with her old cousin in his castle. IT IS SO AWESOME.

Night Vision: A book with a plot twist that completely caught you off guard and left you mind blown.
House of Hades. RICK. YOU ARE SO CRUEL!

Anyway, that was the Lindsey Stirling Book Tag! I now tag:

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and that's all for now, creampuffs!(okokok I'm NOT crazy for calling you guys creampuffs; it comes from watching to much Carmilla(there'll be a post on that AWESOME show very soon.) So spread this tag around and etc etc etc. thanks!



  1. Haven't heard any of her songs before but I will definitely be doing this tag soon!

    1. She's a dubstep violinist who plays her violin to electric dance music and dances while playing her violin. She's soo awesome! can't wait to read it when you've finished!