Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Book Recommendations/What I read this month

So this month I didn't do much reading, as I was unable to get to the library very often. But this is what I did read:

Lord of Chaos(bk 6 of TWoT) by Robert Jordan
I really enjoyed this book, though for about a week I had to put it down because I was to scared to read any father.

Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
I don't think I need to talk about this one ;)

Four Truths and a Lie by Lauren Barnholdt
It wasn't a very good book; there was no real character development or anything. Just a bubble gum, silly pop culture book.

Book Recommendations:

Carmilla by J.Sheridan Le Fanu

Riders of the Purple Sage and it's 'sequel' The Rainbow Trail by Zane Grey.
I really enjoyed these books. They were well written and full of action and suspense, and a little romance. I own the second book, and it's very old. It's the oldest book in my collection of random books.

Lucky the Horse Nobody Wanted by Doris L. Santon
Now it sounds like a kids book, but its not. This book made me cry.....So just go and read it so we can cry together over this book. :'(

The Indian in the Cupboard (and it's sequels) by Lynee Reid Banks
This was the first actual book that I read, and I really enjoyed it. It's about a boy who lives in England, and he is given a cupboard and a key by his brother for his birthday. He locks up his plastic Indian in it, and it comes to life. This book and it's sequels sound cheesy, but they are srrsly so good! And very funny! (Well trying to keep a miniature real live Indian a secret from your family is bound to create difficult and funny situations ;)    )

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge
This book is so delightful and just an awesome read. Harry Potter fans will be glad to know that Queen Rowling "absolutely adored The Little White Horse" to quote her :)

And that's it for now! ( I promise that I'll be reading much more in April!) Namarie!

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