Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Book Tag!

1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?
 I prefer to read series. Because there's more books to read. And there is usually more character development.

 2. Rather read a book whose main character is male or female?
I don't really have a preference, though I do usually find female characters easier to relate too.

 3. Rather shop only at Barnes & Noble (or other actual bookstore) or Amazon?
Idk. Just any good book store, I guess. Amazon has it's place, like if the book you want is cheap on there, but shopping online will NEVER EVER replace actually walking into a book store and the smell and sight of all those books. It has a special feeling to it.

 4. Rather all books become movies or tv shows?
 Movies. Because, sadly, we don't have cable, so I don't watch tv shows, unless I watch  them on my mom's phone.

 5. Rather read 5 pages per day or read 5 books per week?
What kind of a question is that? If I had enough time, I would be reading more than five books per week. Because of school, however, I am not able to read as much as I'd like.

 6. Rather be a professional book reviewer or an author?
An author. I am actually working on a fantasy trilogy right now, which I hope to get published one day. 
7.  Rather only read the same 20 books over and over or get to read a new book every 6 months?
I do re-read my fave books ALL the time, especially when I don't have any new books to read at that moment. But I also love getting a new book/book series to read.

 8. Rather be a librarian or own a book store?
Own a book store. Or work at one.

 9. Rather only read your favorite genre or your favorite author?
Favorite genre, because all my favorite author's write my favorite genre, fantasy!

 10. Rather only read physical books or eBooks?
PHYSICAL BOOK. eBooks may be useful for going places, like on a plane, but they will NEVER EVER replace the feel, smell and look of a real book.

If your reading this, then I tag you to do it. XD
Also, I hope to FINALLY finish my Tauriel cosplay, and then I will post some pics of it.


  1. My answers:
    1. Series because they are da bomb!
    2. Usually I prefer female because I, a female, can relate better.
    3. BARNES AND NOBLES!!!!!!
    4. Movies...duh.
    5. 5 books a week! But that never happens.....
    6. Author!
    7. I DON'T KNOW!!!
    8. Own a book store.
    9. Favorite genre.
    10. The ONLY way to read a book is by physically holding it in. Your. Hands!