Wednesday, 4 February 2015

10 Random Youtube Channels I love + 10 Random things I do when bored

yo everyone! Let's get started!

1) Lindsey Stirling. Her channel is AWESOMESAUCE , as are her videos! She puts so much into them. I also love her secondary channel, which she uploads unedited, fun 'vlog' videos.

2) Adrian Von Ziegler. He does millions of genres of music, like: Fantasy, Dark, Emotional, Electronic, Celtic, and many more! his music is perf for studying to!

3) Bethany Mota. I'm sure some of you know her! I LOVE her channel so much! She does makeup, fashion, room d├ęcor and more! AND all her videos are well done and fun to watch!

4) The Gardiner Sisters. They do awesome music!

5) rclbeauty101. She does beauty, fashion, and all sorts of cool stuff!

6) Bored Shorts TV. OMGS THEY ARE SO AWESOME. They do this comedy thing where they'll give a scenario to their kids, and their kids will improvise a skit. Then, the adults go back and act it out, using the kids' voices! IT SO FUNNY. GO AND CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7) Jenn Find. She does fandom videos and fan trailers for movies and drawings. Really cool!

8) Cimorelli. My fav pop band's channel. They do not only music videos, but fashion, hair etc.

9) Happy Hobbit. If you are part of then you will know these gals ;) they do hm how do I describe them...Middle-earth themed videos that are AWESOME.

10) Cute Girl Hairstyles. I love them. They do really cool hairstyles that are actually easy to do but look great!


1) watch random youtube videos. srrsly...I do this 24/7

2) write stories on Wattpad. I LOVE Wattpad, I am like, addicted to that site! please follow me on there, you can find me at MironielBlokzylofMiddle-earth or @MironielBlokzyl

3) make edits using Picmonkey...Picmonkey is ANOTHER site I am addicted to, its awesome for editing things!

4) Scrolling through  G+

5) nap.....yeah well....not nap but lie down and just ressttttttttt..snap that was weird....

6) open the fridge, see nothing I want to eat. 2 min later: open the fridge, see nothing I want to eat, repeat for rest of afternoon. :/

7) talk to friends.

8) read...IF there's anything to read...if not I read stuff on Wattpad.

9) look up stuff from tumblr: tumblr books, tumblr fashion, tumblr backgrounds etc....srrsly this is so much fun u guys need to try it

10) listen to much as I can without my ears starting to hurt...yeah that's right; my ears hurt sometimes from using my earbuds to much...I need to get some headphones that don't go in my ear or Im gonna go deaf.....cause I am literally addicted to music...


11) U guys srrsly need to look up Evanescence and listen to their music...their a gothic metal/hard rock/classical band and im obsessed with them.

tell me in le comments below what you thought of these lists and what u do when ur bored! I could always use some ideas!