Sunday, 28 December 2014

10 More Things to Do Now That BoTFA Is Out

yay! I managed to make a second list! :)

1) Go on a Fellowship or Thorin's Company hike. To make it more realistic, invite 8 friends if your doing the Fellowship, or 13 if your doing the Company. Bring lembas, mirvour, and other food(you can find recipes for these and others on the Council of Elrond) You could even go in costume!

2) The One is holding a special party...the One Last Party, in Los Angeles . Billy Boyd and others will be there! here's a link: anyway, if, (like me) you are unable to make it, why not hold your own One Last Party with other Hobbit fans?

3) start a Middle-earth club with weekly meetings. There are two ways you can do this: online, or in real life. I was in an online one, and while it lasted, it was really fun!

4) Do a group RPG(role-play-game). The Council of Elrond has some good ones you can join, or you can do one with your friends.

5) Learn a language from Middle-earth. Again, the Council of Elrond has some good 'programs' for this. I would suggest getting an account so that the (admins?) can mark your work.

6) If you have long hair, try doing some elvish hair styles. Loespie(I think that's her youtube channel name) has some samazing LoTR hair tutorials, she also did Tauriel's hair.

7) Listen to the whole of 'Their Taking The Hobbits To Isengard: 10 Hours' non stop. (I am STILL trying to do this lol) WARNING: THIS MAY ADDLE YOUR BRAIN FOR ABOUT 24 HOURS LOL.

8) Make a LOTR/TH t-shirt, using freezer paper. I have not done this yet, so your on your own! just google 'freezer paper'

9) memorise your favorite parts from LOTR/TH (the BOOKS not the Films, though that can be fun too) and then recite it for family and friends. Maybe you could even do a dialogue with a friend. A good piece for that is the part between Smaug and Bilbo.

10) create a Middle-earth garden. The Council of Elrond has some good ideas for this.


  1. More great ideas!! even tough I have not yet seen the last Hobbit movie, I might try some of this stuff :)